Dr Yvonne Nygren

Dr. Yvonne Nygren currently has a position as Head of the department for Analytical Chemistry and Technical CBR-protection at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI in Umeå SWEDEN. She has been working as an analytical chemist at FOI since 1990 except for the years between 2006 and 2010 when she carried out her PhD studies at Umeå University where she graduated with a thesis titled “Advances in analytical methodologies for studies of the platinum metallome in malignant cells exposed to cisplatin”.

Dr. Nygren has been working in the group for verification analysis ever since 1997 when FOI became a designated laboratory. Dr. Nygren has been involved in about 15 OPCW proficiency tests where she mainly has been responsible for conducting sample preparation, GC and GC-MS analysis.

When returning from the university in late 2010 she was appointed as laboratory manager for the designated laboratory with the overall responsibility to run the designated laboratory as well as the research and method development that has, in addition to environmental samples, been required to also include methods for biomedical samples as blood and urine. In the autumn of 2013 she was responsible for carrying out the first UN/OPCW investigation on alleged used of chemical warfare agents in Syria. Shortly after that she was appointed as Head of department where she now is responsible not only to the designated laboratory but all analytical chemistry, detection and protection as well as decontamination research done at FOI.