Professor Tatsuya Abe

Tatsuya Abe is Professor of International Law at School of International Politics, Economics and Communication, Aoyama Gakuin University. He earned the degree of Doctor of Laws in 2008 from Kyoto University.

His recent articles include “New Perspectives on Soft Law: Towards More Effective Regime Governance,” in Shotaro Hamamoto, Hironobu Sakai, Akiho Shibata (eds.) “L’être situé”, Effectiveness and Purposes of International Law (Brill, 2015), “Effectiveness of the Institutional Approach to an Alleged Violation of International Law: The Case of Syrian Chemical Weapons,” Japanese Yearbook of International Law, Vol.57 (2014).

He has been deeply involved in the OPCW in various capacities such as an alternate of the Permanent Representation of Japan, a member of the Confidentiality Commission, a staff of the Technical Secretariat and a legal expert from academia.