Dr Sean Simpson

Dr. Sean Simpson is the Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of LanzaTech and leads the development and commercialization of LanzaTech’s core technology.  Since its inception in 2005, Sean has lead the company to secure numerous rounds of venture capital funding, significant commercial and technical partnerships with leading global organizations, and government R&D grants. Dr Simpson’s leadership has encouraged collaboration between biologists, fermentation specialists, process and design engineers and business development teams to develop the technology and the company to become a global leader in gas fermentation.

Prior to LanzaTech, Dr Simpson had eight years’ experience in bio-products development, including operating a cell culture facility and developing a pilot plant with Hoffmann La-Roche in Basel, Switzerland, health biologics with Sandoz Forschungs Institute, Vienna, Austria, working on crop biologics with the Japan International Research Centre for Agricultural Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan, and most recently, pioneering a process for ethanol production from hardwood with Genesis R&D Corporation in New Zealand (now BioJoule).  Dr Simpson is the author of over 20 publications and numerous patents.