Dr Prashant Yajnik

Mr. Yajnik received his Masters in chemistry from University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in 1972. His chemical industry experience spans over 25 years in various capacities.

He has been involved in CWC related activities since 1994 when he functioned as an Advisor to the Ministry of Chemicals and Petrochemicals during the Preparatory Commission phase (1994-1997) in The Hague. Joined Inspectorate Division, OPCW in 1997 after an extensive training as an Inspector

In 2000, was transferred to the Policy and Review Branch in the Verification Division, wherein he was responsible for policy related issues on Article VI implementation as well as for preparation of few documents for the First Review Conference in 2002. He was deputed as the Director-General’s representative to the BWC Conference held in Warsaw under the auspices of NATO.

In addition to being a member of the International Treaties Committee in ICC (Mumbai), he is involved in discussions on UNSCR 1540, Export Controls and Compliance and Safety and Security aspects in chemical facilities arising out of changing scenario in the trade and commerce of dangerous chemicals.