Professor Peter Mahaffy

Peter Mahaffy is Professor of Chemistry at the King’s University in Edmonton, Canada and co-director of the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science, which provides digital learning resources used by a quarter million students, educators and the public from over 100 countries each year. His current research and professional work is at the interfaces of chemistry education, visualization in science, sustainability/green chemistry, and the responsible uses of chemistry.

Mahaffy is a past chair of the International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry’s (IUPAC) Committee on Chemistry Education.  He was a charter member of the International Council of Science (ICSU) Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the Conduct of Science, and served on the working group on education and outreach for OPCW. He has co-led several joint IUPAC/OPCW projects that communicate through interactive, electronic resources the need to make responsible choices about the multiple uses of chemicals and chemical weapons.  Mahaffy also co-chairs the Province of Alberta’s Quality Assurance Agency for universities.