Dr Olufemi Elias

Olufemi Elias is the Legal Adviser and a Director at the OPCW. He was the Executive Secretary of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal, and had served as Senior Legal Officer at the OPCW. He was a legal adviser at the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva, and subsequently as a Special Assistant to the Executive Secretary of the Commission.
He is an Associate Member of the Institut de Droit International. He is a Visiting Professor in international law at Queen Mary University of London and has held teaching positions in a number of other universities. A member of the Nigerian Bar, he holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford, Master of Law from the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in international law from the University College London.
He is the Secretary-General of the African Association of International Law and a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law, and has written and edited several books and articles on various aspects of international law.