Neil Harvey

Neil Harvey has been Head of International Trade at the UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA) for 14 years.  He joined the CIA in 1998 after 24 years in the UK Civil Service, covering UK trade relations with Central and Eastern Europe in early-1990s and Government’s relationship with the UK chemicals industry in mid-1990s.

Based in London, the mission of the Association is to represent the interests of the UK chemical and allied industries sector in regulatory, economic and social affairs.  As Head of International Trade, Neil oversees international trade promotion activities and trade policy issues.  He also chairs a group of experts within the European chemicals association, Cefic, which advises on trade regulations relating to precursor chemicals that have the potential for illicit use. The CIA has produced a members’ Code of Conduct for companies dealing with chemicals that are subject to UK, EU and International trade controls, including a chapter covering CWC precursor chemicals.