Dr Jean Pascal Zanders

Dr Jean Pascal Zanders (Belgium) is an independent researcher/consultant on disarmament and security questions. He heads The Trench, a research initiative dedicated to the future of disarmament.

He holds Masters Degrees in Germanic Philology-Linguistics (1980) and Political Sciences (1992) and a PhD Degree in Political Sciences (1996) from the Free University of Brussels. He was Project Leader of the Chemical and Biological Warfare Project at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (1996– 2003); Director of the Geneva-based BioWeapons Prevention Project (2003–08) and Senior Research Fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (2008–13). He has participated as an expert to the Belgian and EU Delegations in the BTWC and CWC meetings since 2009.

He is currently running a project on the longer-term future of the Chemical and Biological and Toxin Weapons Conventions and researches CBW disarmament in the Middle East. He has just edited a book entitled Innocence Slaughtered: Gas and the Transformation of Warfare and Society (Uniform Press: London, 2015).