Jacqueline Alvarez

Jacqueline Alvarez joined UNEP Chemicals and Waste Branch in August 2015 as the leader of the Science and Risk unit. The Science and Risk Unit’s strategic focus is to support countries in the environmentally sound management of chemicals and waste throughout their life cycle including emerging issues, assessment of risks and monitoring of trends to keep the environment under review.

Jacqueline started her career in the Ministry of Environment of Uruguay in the field of chemicals and waste. She worked on chemical safety, risk assessments, policy development, national and regional work programmes implementation, projects and plans management, measures and strategies. In 2009, she joined UNEP as the Regional Focal Point for Chemicals and Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean region and since March 2011 Jacqueline worked for the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat in its Technical Assistance Branch.

Track1- Chemical Safety and Security