Dr Ivo Šlaus

Ivo Šlaus, honorary president of the World Academy of Art and Science (since 2013, 2011-2013 resident), Dean of Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations and Diplomacy (since 2010), professor of physics (1967), professor of diplomacy and international affairs (2015), member of European Commission Research, Innovation, Science Policy Expert (RISE) High Level Advisory Body (2015), chair of Open to the World Group (2016), member European Academies Science Advisory Council (2013), member: Pugwash Council (2003), the Club of Rome (1987), founding member Academia Europaea (1988),  Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1977), corresponding member of Montenegrin and Macedonian Academies of Sciences and Arts (2006), member of the European Leadership Network (2010), Parliament of Croatia (2000-03), World Innovation Foundation (2003), Balkan Political Club (2004); fellow American Physical Society (1985) and of Institute of Physics, UK (1996); Vice-president Council InterUniversity Centre Dubrovnik (2012).