Gideon Shimshon

Gideon Shimshon is the director of the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University, a university think tank that both explores and executes enterprising projects at the juncture of education, research, technology and society.

Motivated by his passion for learning and innovative research practices, Gideon manages a diverse portfolio of projects that examine both the future of education as well as non-traditional applications of up-and-coming technologies.

Over the course of the past few years, Gideon has co-founded the Leiden Online Learning Lab -which considers how online learning environments can enhance and extend the university’s reach as well as foster new learning landscapes – and the Peace Informatics Lab – a knowledge hub for scientists and practitioners interested in applying Big Data analytics to the fields of peace and justice.

Before joining Leiden University, Gideon was a consultant and project manager at Accenture. He began his career in the realm of political economy, working at the World Bank on governance issues, subsequently setting up a foundation for serious gaming and simulations in international relations and conflict management. He received his MSc from the University of Amsterdam and lives in The Hague.