Dr Edith Valles

Dr Edith Valles from Argentina, who is an inaugural member of the Advisory Board on Education and Outreach, is currently serving as a technical adviser to the International Agreements Department at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research for Defense which belongs to the Argentinean Ministry of Defense.

She spent her early career undertaking scientific research in toxicology and from 2004 she has been advising different Argentinean agencies on export control of dual use commodities, multilateral export control regimes, CWC and BTWC.

Since 2013, she has been participating in the Argentinean Project on “Education for the Safe and Responsible Use of Chemical Sciences and Technologies for the Scientific, Economic and Social Development of Argentina” and she is currently carrying out outreach activities to industry and academia on awareness raising related to chemical and life sciences and export control of dual use goods and technologies.

Dr Valles who is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and holds a PhD. in toxicology, was also trained by the OPCW and United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs on alleged use of chemical and biological weapons.